we (the band) were in L.A.

we (the band) were in L.A. memorial day weekend shooting a video for the ‘good boys’ song with Jonas Akerlund who has directed the new film SPUN (check out http://www.spunthemovie.com/ very cool site) which DH has a supporting part in… i daresay this looks to be the best blondie video to date, hopefully it’ll get played more than once somewhere, anywhere, here, there, everywhere, etc etc etc speaking of movies the metaphor of matrix is so apt its absurd; everyone (especially in america) is living in a tank being fed a bunch of hypnotic hallucinatory bullshit that they are in love with, at the same time their essence and energy is being sucked out and used as food for some vast parasitic machine… the difference with reality and the film is that in the world here everybody kind of knows whats going on they just dont give a fuck and zion doesnt exist… the ultimate irony is that the matrix movie is part of what keeps everybody in their trance state even though its laying the scheme out in plain view and living color… i guess like the film it’ll take the ‘real world’ turning into a burned out graveyard with black sky before people decide to take action about changing their situation… on a more cheerful note i thought x-men2 was just terrific, in a way it was almost better than matrix, it was sooo much better than the first x-men and the first matrix was a hard act to follow even for itself i wish you guys would ask some questions that i could actually answer sometimes… for some reason ive gotten several things about the record not coming out in canada and ive got no idea where this kind of stuff comes from, once again: to the best of my knowledge the next blondie record will be out everywhere in sept-oct of 2003… if anything changes which it shouldnt i’ll put it here, tour dates are getting booked now and should include everywhere we’ve played in the past as well as perhaps some new areas, as far as i can tell touring will start in the summer and then pick up again in the fall, europe and the u.s. will be included in the touring schedule… i hope this general outline will answer some of the endless questions about this stuff… i saw in the new york times that chimpanzees were going to be included in the human race, as human(s) from now on, this was a small item and didnt say where or what this decision would affect, it was pretty vague actually, does that mean that some group like the republicans would be left out of the human race to make room for the chimps?… speaking of which the “goodboys” video has a monkey in it… some recommendations: theres a Jet Li movie called “Hero” thats really fantastic except for the score which is a total cop of crouching tiger (speaking of tigers there is also a tiger in the “goodboys” video) lately ive been even more into japanese and chinese films than in the past… an amazing chinese film is called “Fallen Angels” by director Wong Kar Wai, another by the same director is “Chunking Express” which has gotten more attention than “Angels” pretty great though i liked Fallen Angels a lot more… of course the japanese film “Audition” has been around for a while now is totally great though very heavy duty (definitely not for kids) the new film by the same director Takashi Miike “The Happiness of the Katakuris” is very crazy worth seeing, a very very amazing american (i think) movie called “Devils Playground” about rites of teenage passage into adulthood in the Amish community in the US, just amazing, who knew this stuff? last night finally saw “Mighty Wind” which was way better than i expected, i wish it was longer actually…lastly for now, i just came upon a really far out book by british author Martin Amis titled “Night Train”, im going for sure to check out some more of his stuff what else? rain, lizards, that swamp smell is kind of gross, the dogs go rolling around in the swamp and come in laden with the aroma which they rub on stuff, “swamphounds swamphounds” sung to the tune of the simpsons theme…speaking of the simpsons why the fuck havent we (blondie, debbie) ever been on their show… i suggest a write in campaign, start writing to homer directly at chunkylover53@aol.com all for now love chris

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