i am finally able to announce, relate, distribute, etc. the following: tahhh dahhh!!!: the record is aptly titled “THE CURSE OF BLONDIE”… for a long time the title was “PHASM” but towards the end of everything debbie came up with the other which seemed oddly appropriate so thats it, (thanx for all your suggestions, maybe in the future we could have a thing where the fans pick a title for something)… record is gonna be released by SONY International in Europe, the UK, Japan, and Australia around Sept.-Oct. 2003 the first single is a thing called “GOODBOYS”, that should go to clubs and radio around mid july touring should start in the summer we’re at the “SUMMER SONIC FESTIVAL” in Osaka Japan on Aug.2 and in Tokyo on the 3rd. after that Australia ok? the ufo stuff is still going on, check: http://bboard.scifi.com/bboard/browse.cgi/1/5/1966/840/4 for further crazyness xxx chris

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