brief word

brief word i saw the art thats up, its not the actual cover, just part of it… im now hearing that the record wont be released in the states until after the rest of the world, its not my fault, sorry… ” Amy ” was offended by my equating republicans with chimpanzees, though i dont mean to insult anyones beliefs i really have a hard time getting too serious about anything political, its all a bunch of nonsense; democrats, republicans, im sorry but to me its a cosmic joke that our lives are influenced by this antique system thats more akin to show biz, carnival than to actual human leadership, i just find it hard to believe that politicians are more concerned about the well being of the people than they are about getting elected… but lets not forget that i am a sixties hippie radical and that any of my views are tainted with the stain of pagan liberalism… also i absolutely am NOT interested in anyone trying to be like me, far from it, everyone should be as different from one another as possible thanks so much for all the baby encouragement, some of you actually wrote to the simpsons on our behalf, as far as i know theres no plan for us to be on the show so do keep it up, see, on one of the episodes homer said his e-mail address was, which supposedly goes to one of the producers, keep trying love chris

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