i’m really excited about announcing the upcoming release (finally) of TV PARTY the DVD… i just got and watched it yesterday, actually its a three disc set… any way its like TOTALLY GREAT!!! im very impressed with the quality of the whole package, if we cant get it on HBO or something i’ll be surprised so far i dont have release info, the release party is on the 8th of dec. the thing comes from BRINK FILMS (see for a few details) and was produced for DVD by Kai Eric who did a fantastic job… i’m not one for blatant plugging but this is essential viewing for blondie/debbie fans, theres a lot of stuff of DH, more than i’d remembered, theres even a weird clip of part of a very early version of “Tide is High” that i had totally forgotten about, its us at the Mudd Club and i was surprised to see Debbie actually reading the lyrics which indicates how early the thing was in the history of the song (the first demo of our version was worked up with Walter Steding and Lenny Ferrari who were, with me, the TV Party orkestra) i was the co-host of TVP, for those of you who dont know about it, it was a cable tv show that went on for four years from 1979 there abouts… Glenn and i have been talking about reviving it somehow we’ll see what happens as soon as i get more specific info about the actual release i’ll put it up here

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