being a liberal

its a bit discouraging to get the few negative messages i get cause on the whole they are just not thought out or anything beyond someone being pissed off about my ‘being a liberal’ and its sad the things and ideas here have dissolved into these kinds of cliche images of ‘weird liberalism’ and ‘red necked’ conservatism… as usual this speaks to me of the spiritual black hole that threatens to suck up everything in its path, if you’re gonna complain at me about something i said then at least back it up with a specific quote… actually the two types of comment i get are “you are a liberal” which apparently is this decades version of calling someone a pinko and “hey you are a music dude, how dare you talk about politics”… i said a while back i was distressed about the amount of bad feelings that the election has engendered, its even sadder to have people tossing catch phrase sound-byte type accusations about without any foundations… (i think i’m mostly distressed about finally watching the remake of ‘the manchurian candidate’ in a way to me what has happened to hollywood is even sadder than what has gone down with music, the corporate art system has just killed the american film industry i cant believe the crap thats churned out… a few years ago i saw an interview with John Schlesenger saying how he just couldnt have made “Midnight Cowboy” in this climate, meaning nowadays, how it just couldnt be done, how fucking pathetic is that, how many great films are we missing now due to film makers being more concerned with selling tickets than with making the movie… these remakes of better films like ‘candidate’ or “the stepford wives” just blow my mind in their mediocrity… the main reason is that big budget art is all subject to committee decisions and fear for the buck so the guys like Fellini etc etc who were just about making art just cant break through… at least Scorsese is out there and to a lesser degree Tarantino and again this is why i am so psyched about all the asian stuff (Quentins next one is gonna be critical for him) i’ve been running into) i dont have much else at the moment, have been back for a while, Mexico City was particularly fantastic, theres a street market called “Sonora” that is almost exclusively devoted to Santeria and related items, just amazing i saw ‘saw’ which pretty much sucked and the puppet movie which i liked more, its pretty great how some of the reviews on ‘team america’ are so confused with the critics not being able to figure out the “position” of the thing durka durka

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