merry xmas to all and related etc.

merry xmas to all and related etc. thanks for taking the time to write… i dont have anything right now, nice dreams for all, dont get too sucked up in the grim holiday greed grind, going to toys are us around now is like unto seeing a gladiatorial event, the madness infects the littlest kids and turns them into all devouring beasts, oh yeah as far as current events go i was really amused by this: the other week when rumsfield got called out about equipment by the soldier at the iraq ‘meeting’ with the troops, any how the same day this story was on the first page with pictures of the new york times, the post (ny post) stuck it on page 18 (i checked) as a small four paragraph item entitled “rumsfield spars with troops” something like that… i find it almost impossible to watch television lately, i do see sesame street a lot though, akira really likes it, she has become an elmo fan, calls him “emna” christmas looms, snow on trees here

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