three items in no special order

three items in no special order; the first and most awful is the government attempts to subpoena lists of searches from google… i have a lot of respect for google and their standards apparently they are resisting these attempts… anyone who isn’t up on what’s going on here and values their computer freedom should get into the act… i believe that anyone interested in keeping the internet as free as it is should note what’s going on with this case… again the usual fear tactics… fine, prevent child abuse, there are some really gross things out there in cyberspace, but i just don’t believe that is the administrations main reason for attempting to harvest this info then we have the absurd in the form of the remake of the pink panther… I’m waiting for the remake of ‘elephant man’ or ‘apocalypse now’ perhaps… Brad pitt as merrick but the absolute best story is about the upcoming showtime ‘masters of horror’ series… this is being pitched as “no holds barred” freedom of expression for the directors etc etc… in spite of these bullshit noble intentions (we likely will see the same re-hashed crap from the usual bunch: craven, romero etc) the episode that was produced by Takashi Miike “imprint” was just tooo freaky deaky for even those liberal folks at showtime and they fucking dropped it from the series… hopefully it’ll be available soon since i am certain it will soar miles above the junk that makes it onto the series; that is more watered down pap horror yesterday in NYC I had an unusual cab driver, an old white guy, a dying breed, he said “i came here from italy in 1962, i’ve been driving a taxi for thirty five years, those good days won’t come again, these people with the phones in their ears they’re like robots.” and indeed we are becoming a nation of robots without enough guts to stick up for ourselves even in the name of a good horror flick

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