amazed and astonished

i always say i’m amazed and astonished about stuff although i’m really not, its just a figure of speech indicating my reactions to the absurdity of modern life… so i’m amazed by all the bullshit surrounding the ‘million little pieces’ debacle… my main reason for surprise is that through it all no one has mentioned what a godawful miserable bit of writing this book is… i tried believe me but i just couldnt get too far into it… i skipped around and read the gruesome bits which to me seemed like blatant fabrications… there are two things to consider when one reads an account of somebody being denied anesthetic while having root canals done one is that it isnt medically advisable, it just doesnt sound like a safe thing to do and two as even the dumbest coke freak knows novocaine just doesnt get you even close to high all it does is make parts of your face disappear… so that was about as far as i got… a million little pieces reads like a really crappy village voice article which is ok for a few thousand words but just plain sucks when you’re talking about three hundred pages… as i understand it the guy tried to get it published several times as a novel without success, finally dubbing it a memoir got it in print… and we sure need oprah to tell us what constitutes literature i’ve been spending more time in the tragedy that is or more accurately was new york city, if it wasnt for chinatown there’d be really almost nothing left… a lot of the reflections i have while driving in taxis etc get lost quickly but generally its a great loss… oh ok so in chinatown fireworks arent allowed anymore, we went to the new years year of the dog celebrations for a few days running, the weather was warm and akira was very enthused about the dragons… there was a firecracker display surrounded by barracades and fire department representatives… so at the same time we have our friends and relatives being blown up overseas for dubious reasons we are being so protected from ourselves here at home that we cant light a firecracker… do any of you older folks remember when it was easy to open packages? not requiring major cutting tools to get into a buzz lightyear toy? … more to come

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