regarding the programs

regarding the programs and lack of at the gigs i will talk to the powers that be and see what can be done maybe they can sell some on the site now mark from nottingham writes: …tell your management that I feel it unfair that there were a lot of people backstage who had clearly not been to the gig and were dealers trying to get signatures for re-sale. I did indicate to one of the security but sadly to no avail and Debbie wouldnt have known this now heres the deal, of course we all know about this especially debbie and that is why she sometimes wont sign an autograph if the person looks like a professional… actually mark here is the first fan to write in about this but its something we have been dealing with forever… the problem is theres really nothing to be done about it except to limit the amount of autographs we sign… of course its obvious when somebody shows up with like one copy of all the vinyl records as opposed to somebody who just wants us to sign like ten little white cards… not to worry though as its not that common a phenomena and we are able generally to tell who is really a fan its not that hard the tour is almost done now in ireland for the final three shows, the last uk gig in london was really enjoyable… but generally it was a good tour and we feel very close to everyone over here… im glad people liked the show theres this one thing… ha… i finally have figured out why british drivers are so fucking deadly aggressive, for years now i always wondered why when i step off a curb in london and there’s a car coming it seems to speed up gleefully and when i step in front of a car and it actually has to slow down the driver goes absolutly mad and gnashes his teeth etc etc its cause of the pedestrians!!! you british pedestrians are too fucking polite… in new york city when i’m driving around its just a given that people are going to wander in front of the car, in fact the roles are reversed whereby certain tough and gangster type pedestrians in nyc will automatically slow down when they see a car coming, giving the driver the same deadly looks one gets from the british driver… i have also had a very weird fact confirmed by several people; see in the US we are taught from the time we are little kids that “the pedestrian always has the right of way” this is just basic stuff and in the last few weeks when i asked people if this was the case over here, do they have a similar phrase, they were like HA HA HO HO YOU ARE CRAZY!… so here we have this most civilized of countries except for this one strange inversion of street law… im telling you guys over here its up to you…crossing the damn street just shouldnt be so fucking dangerous… next time you’re crossing the street in front of a bunch of seething impatient drivers slow the fuck down instead of scurrying accross the street like a bunch of good little doomed bunnies… id like to see some of these london drivers try this stuff in the south bronx, ha, theyd be dragged out of their cars and stomped flat… last time i was amused by ‘big brother’ but ‘space cadets’ leaves me mystified… its so dull its amazing, are people actually watching? except for the andy warhol aspect, that is watching somebody sleeping as entertainment it is really uninspiring i will be glad to get home i really miss the family but at the same time i will miss all of you over here… you guys as fans all do us proud

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