great bunch of messages from all

great bunch of messages from all thanx as per…a lot of questions and requests for info about the next recording… it is imminent and we’re getting an ‘official’ bunch of stuff together to put up hopefully not later than next week thatll tell some dates and release schedule… we’re gonna rehearse in june as it looks now, jimmy should be back and im gonna work in a replacement for me for shows i cant attend due to the baby situation… the baby thing is really quite amazing on all levels, for one its like right here in the room with us but still far away in its own dimension… barbara’s site is related to that is some funny shit that i havent mentioned previously;;; i guess about three years ago barb went to an audition for a tv commercial which she of course landed… what it turned out to be was a spot for the sci-fi channel that came out really amazingly, what it purports to be is a home video of some girl (her) on a helicopter ride in new york on vacation seeing a flying saucer, ufo etc etc… the sci-fi channel had this thing called “happens” that was supposed to be stuff people sent in but was really just shot by them of course… barbs segment was the first and best one, is really great, it aired on the sci-fi channel a bunch of times when they first did it (i think shes got a quick-time version on her site, i looked for “world trade center ufo” on google and was amazed at what came up for ex: has a version of the spot as well as a detailed analysis of it in spanish) its her on a ‘sightseeing’ ride in a helicopter, whats even more cosmic is that the ‘tour’ happens to be mainly of the world trade center, so theres barbara with her little camera being photographed from the back seat by her ‘husband’ or whatever when what do you know, a UFO starts zipping around the wtc, she points it out, exclaims, it kind of buzzes the copter then zooms off leaving a trail, the end… well not really the end cause this thing is still generating responses and is all over the fucking net… check out the bulletin board: its a mind fuck the amount of ranting that has gone on in relation to this, one would think it was at least a little obvious to people that maybe it was a commercial ? it seems that the ones who are the most desperate to believe in something are also able to just bypass the basic unreality of the thing and go plunging ahead into arguing about its qualifications… anyhow theres some pretty funny stuff on the bulletin board there, barbara and i wrote a couple of messages early on but by now the thing has a life of its own, looking around just now im amused to see that it still is going on, questioned etc… what else? the other day we were out walking and here comes flappy (flapjack the dog) with a deers leg in his mouth, actually it looked quite a bit like his own large brown leg though i think he was aware of the difference… grooossssss, he’s a good guy though and dropped it when asked… as the season progresses the roads here are the resting places of too many splattered animals, kamikaze squirrels who dash madly around in front of the car as if tempting fate, on easter sun. we went to the mailbox only to find a big gray cat lying peacefully in the sun where he’d gotten hit and died, very sad i just couldnt leave him, he was obviously related to humans, even in death he gave off a vibe of interaction, so we put him in a box and gave him a nice funeral, put in a can of friskies and a collar for his trip to the other side…. he is risen… well maybe all for now, as usual thanx for the support love, chris

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