still about movies

been meaning to write but doing stuff… still about movies… i liked ‘SIN CITY’ but it didnt blow me away, i wish the Raymond Chandler/ Phil Marlowe dialogs were a little smarter, i wish the girls costumes were more up to date etc etc overall i just felt like it “tried too hard” if you know what i mean… ‘Old Boy’ is a way superior film as are many of the asian imports i’ve been raving about lately… for example ‘Casshern’ is the same green screen technique but more complex… oh yeah some of the melodramatic deliveries left me cold (like Brittany Murphy’s whose work i generally really like) why emulate a crappy style of acting, it just made it campy… i thought Elijah Wood was great (actually i have one of the ring things on tv now without the sound thats what reminded me to write) great to see him so un wholesome and of course Mickey Rourke was very loveable, i hope he does more stuff than he has been lately beyond that i’ve been watching Sesame Street a lot with Akira and am kind of amazed what goes on there… i was way too old for it growing up so i never payed much attention to it… its sort of a Freudian dream… all the monsters run the entire gamut of human weird emotional states and mental conditions big bird is some sort of depressive, ernie and bert share a sado-masochistic relationship while ernie himself is a total control freak passive aggressive, elmo is pretty psychotic, he reminds me of the person who you run into who when you say “whats happening” screams back “YOU ARE! YOU! YOU” oscar is completely negative grover has dreams of grandeur and grovels a lot (hence his name) zoe is just plain annoying and controlling the count is obsessive compulsive etc etc all in all the cookie monster seems to be the best adjusted and has the only genuine sense of humor… now even more weird the “people” all are almost bereft of any psychological traits, they could all be the same person… as far as childrens programming goes Sesame is the only fucking tolerable thing though i do sometimes get off on “Bear in the Big Blue House” mostly cause of the strange celtic witch stuff that goes on with the shadow… some shows make me want to kill we have Zaboomafoo… now you all are aware of my stances on human sexuality and its difficult for me to discuss the two guys on the show without using politically incorrect terminology BUT DAMN MARY! any how on EVERY FUCKING SHOW there is a bit where the two ‘heros’ (the Kratt brothers) go “on a trip” okay, so they ‘go in to the closet’ now i swear this is real, see, the monkey sings this “they’re going to the closet, they’re going on a trip” then all of their crap falls on them ha ha and the monkey sings: “they’re coming from the closet, they’re going out the door!” on top of this there is a real monkey/lemur with an abused puppet stand-in… if you dont believe me check it, to think poor sponge bob is being maligned with this going on … Akira gets to watch Zaboomafoo cause of the cool animal… what she CANT WATCH is the miserable wiggles… i’m not even gonna go into it its too horrible for words, suffice it to say ‘the wiggles’, australians, used to be a band called the cockroaches or cockroach, at least thats what i heard in Aus., if thats true i cant even begin to imagine… any way although we may not know any of the cockroaches big hits the fucking wiggles are now raking in the bucks… oh yeah i was gonna quit but i forgot “Oobie”… oobie is a very inexpensive show to produce as its just hands with eyeballs stuck on them… something grimly fascinating about oobie, this is not just me i’ve heard this from others that they were sort of horrified but fascinated by oobie and friends… their dialog is primitive leaving out various adjectives and other aspects of proper speech this gives a really strange cast to the whole deal; “Oobie loves Grampoo…” etc etc oh yeah the other childrens show i have been watching faithfully is “THE MICHAEL JACKSON TRIAL”… mostly on court tv and the re-inactments on E… i stil really dont know what i really think about it all just that there is a fucked up witch hunt aspect to the whole thing regardless of his guilt or innocence… plus being in show-biz and knowing the bullshit that goes on i cant really write off the whole conspiracy deal… no matter how odd this may sound to the layman, the stuff that goes on behind the scenes in the recording industry is every bit as crazy as the publics perception of poor Michael might be

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