kung fu hustle

i’m still enamored of ‘kung fu hustle’ dont blow your shot to see it on a big screen (i got a note from Koey in singapore who says as i suspected the title is just ‘kung fu’ in chinese)… im sorry i only have seen ‘ghost in the shell 2’ on dvd i missed it in the theaters… so the big TV PARTY opening at the tribeca festival in NYC, seemed to be a success in spite of a very partisan audience… another turn out of the old ‘gang’, various people i havent seen in a while, great to see graffiti great old pal ‘LEE’ (Quinones), Freddy, Charlie Rocket etc. best though was D and i were sitting right next to Jerry Stiller! debbie hit him in the head in ‘Hairspray’ but i never met him so i was pretty thrilled to shmooze with him, he said he loved the TV P film, during the q&a he said it should be in the smithsonian! we heard that Bobby D’N saw the thing but who knows… so after there was a party that the TV Party orchestra played at, the TV Party orchestra consisted this time of me, Walter Steding, Lennie Ferrari, James Chance, Robert Aaron and the bass player from ‘Crazy Mary’ a band that walter plays in whose name i dont know, sorry… so these days i go to sleep around 8-9 pm, so by 11 i was pretty fried and suddenly i’m thrust into your basic rock and roll club intensity, i was soaked in this hot enviornment in about two minutes, i thought i might explode, but we jammed for maybe a half hour and i left walter still up there sawing away on his violin… i have noticed that there are all these new ways of garnering income in our great society these days; the finger in the chili of course, though we see that one has to cook the finger in chili first for the sake of authenticity… 5-6 whatever guys in some middle eastern drag getting thrown out of dennys: “we dont serve bin ladens here!” they are told, suing for 27 million… lastly, though theres likely lots of stuff im not mentioning, ratting out your friends and school mates; i saw an article about the system now in place of rewarding those who ‘tell’ on people in school with food coupons, cash (100-500$ if its about firearms) and parking spaces… one might think this was all fiction, but…

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