grimly awaiting the onslaught of 9-11 films

so i am grimly awaiting the first onslaught of 9-11 films from hollywood… i think that recent travolta hero firefighter movie was sort of testing the waters… be prepared as soon as enough time goes by so that the films arent lumped in with the 9-11 hats t-shirts and commemorative belt buckles made out of genuine steel from the trade center theres gonna be a ton of em… what better combination of hollywood sentimentality combined with a great national disaster… this is better than the one about the volcano in los angeles, or ‘earthquake’ etc etc so expect the story covered from every possible angle; from the terrorists to the firemen to the working people, add an orgy of special effects CGI explosions, the p.o.v of people jumping from the 60th floor etc if hollywood had any taste or dignity they’d leave it alone completely… by the way i dont suppose that many are aware that we were living right down the block from the whole event when it happened and for me the horror of it was matched by the fucking circus that quickly surrounded the event/area… every day seeing hordes of story hungry newscasters camped out bored and half asleep sitting around drinking coffee and then coming to life in front of the cameras where they were filled with false emotion etc etc… the tourist trade that sprung up was equally bizzare, people with cameras around their necks would stop me and ask where “ground zero” was… well i digress, in a similar vein i’ve been watching the michael jackson trial mostly cause theres nothing else on regular tv that i can stand and it really does appear that there is a lot of vindictiveness in the whole case regardless of what the poor guy was up to, another circus ‘wow’ he had seventeen hundred pictures of naked chicks on his computer, c’mon i’ll bet half the men in america who own computers etc etc and ‘wow!’ a whole briefcase filled with sex mags… gimmie a fucking break and that film i’d raved about “OLD BOY” has gotten a US release, at least the best asian films are being picked up here picture is “fake new york in las vegas”

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