sooo back briefly…

sooo back briefly… as i figured various people misconstrued the ‘egypt’ stuff i was trying to put into words, i got a few messages about slavery etc… the way i understand it pyramid building and various activities in those days were in fact devotional acts undertaken voluntarily by the whole of the community… in certain esoteric psychology moses represents the ‘ur-father’ , male element that undermined the feminine nature of egyptian culture… more basically many people have bought into the hollywood view of reality and history… (for ex the ‘thumbs up/down’ audience reaction to gladatorial events is a total invention of hollywood silent films, is not based on any history or reality) i got a very thoughtful letter from Bill that includes this: “The division of Church and State (which began with Machiavelli and grew to full bloom under Voltaire) is one of the greatest advances in all of Western Civilization. It may, in fact, be the finest thing the West will ever contribute to the world.”… and this is just what im on about, how we’ve been taught this junk and dont question it… of course in a context of material finance based western religion we are probably better off having laws that keep it at bay but we have gotten everything backwards these days, so called ‘primitive society’ is, was way out ahead… what im awkwardly attempting to suggest is that the west is in desperate need of spirituality in its day to day existence, that we already have the religions of money technology etc etc deeply imbedded in our culture… anyone who wants to check out a more radical view of egyptology should try and find a book called “Serpent In The Sky” by John West which deals with the work of Schwaller de Lubicz who was a fascinating character, mystic etc over to the UK shortly i’ll keep at it here from there

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