manchester england

manchester england 9:45 am shows are big fun and the band is progressing at leaps and bounds, very tight and organized, i remember getting to this place with it on other occasions; where i think about guitar parts and elements of the songs a lot during the days, we spend more time working things out during the sound checks, we are adding new songs to the repertoire pretty rapidly, trying out ideas with greater dexterity… picture this was a fairly big hit here and is received very dramatically, Debbie delivers it with a lot of emotion and the whole thing frequently has me quite moved as we are playing it… fans have been really great, so again thank you all for your support… i dont know what to add to this its pretty simple now i was looking forward to getting here to get a different view of things, but oddly im finding that the war situation takes up little space here, much less than i’d expected… perhaps there is an element of avoidance in the media… i just read Wm. Gibsons new novel “Pattern Recognition”, i recommend it heartily, it really is one if not his best work, first one that is set in the present tense… we put up a link to his site which has a really great chat/discussion area… i’ve always been a tremendous fan of his, have been lucky enough to correspond with him over the years… some of you may recall that we collaborated with him on “Dogstar Girl”, a song from d’s solo record “Debravation”, that was one of my all time favorite musical projects (has a piano solo by Giger) though it’s very much under the radar, i don think many are familiar… i REALLY want to thank everyone involved with the “Undone” grass roots radio push back in the states… this may be setting some kind of precedent, im not sure that fans have taken direct promotion into their own manic little hands before, i dont pay attention to the ‘trade’ magazines like billboard etc but i would think that this kind of operation might get some attention, certainly deserves it… forgive me for not mentioning names, i know Charles is involved, thnx to everyone who’s helped it was hot as hell for two days here, now its back to usual euro-gray and damp, im out of stuff to write, talking about the weather… sometimes im torn between loving and hating the fucking computer, theres always some annoying new thing going on with it… again such a weird period in human history; i dont think people have ever been in a place like this in the past where we all know whats coming and are frustrated by its not being here yet… i certainly am amongst those who would plug my head in without any hesitation

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