this leg of the tour is winding down

this leg of the tour is winding down into a break before europe… in cincinnati… im really sorry about the detroit show being cancelled, i’m not exactly sure why, mostly cause of weak ticket sales but there may have been additional factors… im fairly certain we’ll be back after the UK and summer jaunt in europe… thanx for all the nice words about the various concerts, the A&E deal… i’ll pass along comments to D. etc so… ok jimmy is just not able to be out right now he’s got “issues”, stuff hes dealing with and i dont really know whats gonna happen with him in regards to the live situation, hopefully he’ll contribute to any upcoming blondie recordings, everyone is on good terms and thats about all i can report… again im really glad that you liked the live by request event i for one didnt have a clue as to how we came off and the next night at the boston show i noticed that some of the other guys were equally shell shocked, its kind of weirdly terrifying to see yourself on video, film etc… its like seeing some alien creature (me) surrounded by familiar people, i know plenty of actors who cant look at themselves, their recorded images laura sent a link to a pretty grimly fascinating site … check this, its a personal view of i presume a russian girls bike trip thru chernobyl, site of the nuclear disaster i was encouraged to see that bush is finally facing some difficulty in “the polls” as bullshit as all of that is, apparently no incumbent pres. has made it back with the current numbers he’s got, something in the mid 40s% area… i guess i should be urging everyone to vote… i also saw/heard on the news that the republican campaign budget is over 100 million dollars while the democrats have got like two in theirs… i got this in an actually positive e-mail “Chris: I am a major fan of Blondie and of you so please don’t get political on me. Please don’t be a lefty. I and many of your fans would be crushed. If you are a lefty just keep it hush-hush. You’re better than that” is this an example of the way people are thinking in such superficial ways? one would imagine that somebody who could use a computer would have a little deeper understanding into at the very least what some of these terms are about… maybe just another side effect of all the labeling that goes on… communism for whatever its early proponents may have intended is as failed a system in todays world as is capitalism… i dont have any alignment with any existing political system… i think all the systems of government around now are antiquated, should be completely re-vamped… the ancient egyptian culture is probably a much better model, a system whereby art religion and commerce were all one and the same… i think the reason egyptian culture went on almost unchanged for three thousand years was because it was successful… the changes that undermined it in the ancient world are based partly in the ideas of separation of religion and state that we are taught are such advances… so now people are desperately seeking some kind of spiritual life which certainly doesnt come from the church and the masses are turning to rampant materialism… at the same time increased interest in the occult ufos and all manner of odd stuff is an example of peoples unfulfilled yearnings for things beyond… technology is fast becoming the new religion and ive seen it suggested that soon machines will be so complex that no single person will be able to explain their workings there by putting them even further along the path of deification what?… gotta go more soon

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