so there’s that…

so there’s that… and i do watch the occasional baseball game like now with the yankee red sox deal, oh… years ago we were in las vegas (recently in amsterdam the utter hypocrisy of the vegas attempt to somehow make itself; the whore of babylon, a “family experience”, that at least in holland sex is not presented as educational or behind some dumbass facade of walt disney wholesomeness) and we wandered into siegfried and roys casino where two listless beautiful white tigers were lying behind a plastic window on an area covered in concrete in the blazing hot sun all the while gawked at by camera laden grotesque tourists who all seemed to be dressed in loud polyester hawaiian shirts which at the time were the uniform (now replaced by golf shirts)… i was really really disgusted then so i invite you to draw your own conclusions as to my feelings about what happened to roy, that is getting chewed severely by one of his (no doubt underpayed) employees… i may have mentioned that the interaction of humans and ‘animals’ should be, in my opinion, curtailed if not totally eliminated animals just get the short end of the deal… ok another one: minks that are raised for fur are pretty much starved so as to make their skin looser, we saw an item about some animal rights group freeing ten thousand or so starving minks which then went on a rampage eating everything in sight, dogs cats and i presume anything remotely edible in their path the “farmers” re captured about a thousand but the problem in returning them to captivity was that the minks then couldnt be caged as family units who get along so the remaining prisoners ate each other as well…pretty fucked up right?… finally the most absurd animal related news item i saw lately concerned some banquet for heads of state including ol’ bushy in thailand or someplace thereabouts, anyway concern there over poisoned food, and being that human life has gained enough status to forestall people being used as ‘tasters’ like the good old days, mice are going to be injected with samples of the fucking food , the mice will then either drop dead or not… now what comedian has to pay a writer with shit like this floating around? one can predict a whole bunch of mice addicted to mainlining beef bourgeon or spaghetti carbonara etc etc also why might’nt ‘the enemy’ slip some immune mice into the lab closer to home as i drive around this season, the roads are as usual littered with the corpses of little animals, chipmonks, squirrels, racoons, badgers, and others, i must have seen over twenty dead deer but the other smaller guys are not really countable in their profusion… now why not divert a few billion of the military budget to putting up little fences around and digging tunnels beneath the nations highways and various back roads, maybe some little bridges as well…really how much more absurd is this idea than what is going on already… yeah people shouldnt be allowed around animals, the animals always get fucked, at least one should have to take a test or be somehow ‘qualified’ what else… “survivor” in the south bronx, some more stuff i cant remember right now… thank you all for the positive comments about the record, baby, band etc send pictures, weird stories, dreams, found objects much love chris

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