last report from the states

last report from the states, new laptop will accompany and perhaps if all goes i’ll post from ‘abroad’ (Groucho Marx to Jayne Mansfield; “How does it feel to be abroad?”). i’d like to steer everyone towards and magazine…which reminds me of one of many campaigns that i think about (actually this one goes back years and years) everybody hates tv commercials why not have a boycott of anything advertised on TV? perhaps for a month or a week or indefinitely if people could do without all the crap thats advertised… why should we be burdened with all this garbage??? TV is bad enough unto itself…another example: i guess about six or so years ago i went to some movie in London, and there for the first time was subjected to miserable advertisements for cars and soda whatever before the trailers for upcoming films and eventually the movie itself “ha!” thought i “no one in america would stand for this!” needless to say my consumer-oriented nationalistic fervor was of course short lived…so why doesnt anyone DO anything about this shit? have we really become such a world of sheep that we have to put up with junk on this level… this isnt even like going to a job you dont like… its just too screwed to pay for a movie and then have to suffer through the same jeans commercial for the tenth time… i really think that a product boycott and or letter writing campaign could actually do something… all the networks and big corporate monsters are shit scared of public opinion, and they all have websites and contact points… leaving this monday, let me know what you think about the above maybe we can get rid of TV commercials completly!!!! love, see you at shows chris

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