everyone seems to be liking the record

first everyone seems to be liking the record, yes i really think its the best one at the moment, im back home after rehearsing in nyc for the tour, we are in a break, paul c is playing some shows with Ed Norton (the actors) sister, clem went back to LA… speaking of LA, a man walks into a bar with a blue pig… no seriously, why is anyone surprised by Arnolds election?? one would think that the party idiots would learn their lesson, the guys who run for these offices, the politicians are so blank and lifeless and dead, yes DEAD, DEAD DEAD DEAD, that anyone who comes along with even a shred of personality stands a better chance, someone as charming and bright as Arnold is a shoe-in, prediction: that in the years to come we will see a return to old style personality-politics, the rhetoric will change, no one gives a fuck about figures and political agendas, “a chicken in every pot yadda yadda”, after Regan and Jessie V and now Arnie one would think that the direction is clear, i’ve always thought that Richard Pryor would make a great president… meanwhile a tv program about children being used as soldiers in various third world military systems, Sierra Leone, south america etc, grim faces of young kids forced to kill their peers, and this is addressed as if it were not the side effect of the root problem namely poverty, that it’s like ‘well thats the way things are there…’ it just strikes me as insane that the reaction to world famine and misery in the west is still so absurdly slow, almost non existent… if its not true that the west needs a slave culture to make its sneakers and designer hand bags, devote land needed for food production to the growing of cut flowers etc etc then why isnt something done now instead of “soon, sometime in the near future”… continued t’mrow morning chris

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