singapore, is hot but a very seemingly happening place… we are almost done, two more shows here tomorrow and one in bangkok where we spent that memorable couple of weeks back in ’77… asia is most definitely on an upswing the local economies are thriving etc etc singapore has a local music scene we met some of the local bands and related people today i’ll get some names up later but i really dont like the oscars, i avoid it every year… why is that? well i found this couple of lists ok: hitchcock, c.b. demille, peckinpah, chaplin (charlie), king vidor, orson welles, scorsese, robert altman, kubrick, howard hawks… what do they have in common? should be obvious; never won… the other one is what films won as best picture against what other ones, so the year that ‘apocalypse now’ ran the best picture was ‘kramer vs. kramer’, ‘2001 space odyssey’ beat by ‘oliver, ‘raging bull’ by ‘ordinary people’, ‘pulp fiction’ by ‘forrest gump’ and my favorite ‘singing in the rain’ and ‘high noon’ both beat by ‘the greatest show on earth’ that burt lancaster soap opera circus movie… who is gonna put ‘kramer vs. kramer’ on their list of greatest films? now i’m presuming most of this is accurate so dont complain to me about it if its not, i read it in a magazine… speaking of films though our hotel here is right accross the street from the shaw brothers building, their logo is up on the roof, i can see it from my window ‘SB’ in a big crest like in the beginnings of the movies, fantastic

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