perth australia

perth australia… and i cant help but wonder is its less wearing to spend a month on a leaky boat like the old days than 24 hours give or take on a fucking airplane… why cant they leave the windows open, figure out how to let in outside air rather than re-cycle the stale germ infested stuff thats floating around… i must have gotten my first case of corperal korporeal tunnel syndrome, however you spell it, cause my wrist was aching from blankly playing doom 2 on my stupid game boy for what must have been hours… now i feel like the heroine of the last wm. gibson book who says that her soul takes time to catch up after these longass rides, certaily mine is back there someplace struggling with headwinds, what a burn out… beyond that not much to report yet, perth is beautiful and calm, theres so little traffic out there… i do vividly recall our first trip down here in ’77, how weirdly conservative it was, now its a little slower than some of the other cities here but just another modern big city… i miss Akira a lot, we have been very close lately… last week we went into NYC to see the christo gates in the park, somehow twenty million seems excessive for the things even though they are nice, i think he got beat, probably could have got em done cheaper… what? nothing yet… oh yeah we saw ‘hide and seek’ what a farce, now if i was bob d. would i take the twenty million or so in exchange for two weeks of pretty easy work? well most likely… the question is why make it so obvious that thats whats going on… what a load of crap… barbara sort of dragged me to see ‘sideways’ but then i realised what all the buzz is about, its really a great little film, the sort that isnt done much any more, its likely to kick off a whole load of imitators like ‘blur witch’… any how the mall that we go to to see movies is the same one that had the dude go on a rampage last week… luckily we werent there and he didnt do much damage in spite of getting off 60 shots from his ak… its sad how the alienation out there is adding up to these events, what the hell else is it except all of the unfulfilled hopes and dreams blowing up in peoples faces, its so hard for me to avoid being sucked up by the consumer greed culture, how can anyone be happy when they are just constantly barraged with all the things they are not and that they are lacking, all this bullshit shoved down everyones collective throat… oh and on a related ‘lighter note’ who the fuck thinks sponge bob is really a gay conspiracy??!? so here are the same people who rage about anyone questioning the current governments political motives/agenda yelling “conspiracy nut!” carrying on about this craziest dumb concept… actually i was down on sponge bob myself cause i partially blamed him for bumping zim, so i never watched, but really its pretty funny… so whats next anti milton berle… what about the evil of monty python, they wear dresses

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