back in new york

back in new york, really if i never see another airplane… there must be a better way; boats, blimps, bangkok was a lot different than it was when we were last there in 1977, its a fascinating place still, urban jungle, d and i stayed on an extra day to look around i wish i could spend more time in these places… very different and more rugged than singapore in singapore we played with ‘pug jelly’ and the ‘zircon gov. pawn stars’ … really nice people all… there was a lot of heavy duty flu within the band, by the end everyone was feeling varying degrees of weird, its weird enough to come from blazing hot bangkok streets to the snow here, lots of great japanese, hong kong, style toys over there, (see for the basics) also it hadnt occurred to me that i could just walk into an ordinary music store to score all kinds of cool asian films… its tough being in places that are so exotic and then getting back to the normalcy of the states… the gig in the sydney opera house was pretty fantastic i think the place was full… i still really like sydney, something about the bohemian atmophere in the tropical setting more when i wake up more later

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