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from Ouspensky again: “…art which does not reveal mysteries, which does not lead to the sphere of the Unknown, does not yield new knowledge, is a parody of art, and still more often it is not even a parody, but simply a commerce or an industry.” and dude wrote that in like 1915 or so… wonder what he’d think of the current state of affairs ol’ P. D. Ouspensky is pretty dense stuff, it takes me quite a while to get through one of his books but i’d heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to try and stretch their brain a bit, i find that studying his writing has the effect of making me think less about the dumbass side effects of what goes on in the world and more about the basic human condition, about why the human race seems to only be able to ‘rise downward’ as it were… theres a great film playing on cable tv these days entitled i think “grass” or such, is the history of marijuana ‘reform’ and legislation in the US… beyond the questions of drug use what i got out of it is just the general way terror media tactics have always been used here to influence popular opinion, it never fails to amaze… apparently there was a period following the civil war where morphine, heroin, cocaine and various related heavy ass stuff was readily available to the american public in the form of “remedies” for this and that… interestingly, a great deal of this use was the province of the middle rather than lower classes since they were the strata of society who could afford doctors… just when the problems and dangers of addiction were about to come into focus suddenly along comes the ‘horrors of the killer weed’ etc etc completely diluting and adding a layer of insane bullshit to the whole subject… i’ve always thought that the post WW2 generation had none but the fuzziest information available to them about drug use, the results being that me and a lot of others who came up in the sixties were a lot less cautious than perhaps they should have… and of course this relates to the way so much is dealt with here, young people who have to cut through layers of lies and misinformation arent going to bother to question etc etc thanx again for the baby related encouragement and advice it really is much appreciated… the american deal seems to be almost done so we should have an actual release date for the next record pretty soon, (while working on the thing for so fucking long i of course wondered if it was any good but having been away from hearing it and being confronted with the finished thing i think its really fantastic, one of the best ones etc etc) great electrical storm here last night, first one this season… i got a great letter, i quote: “but, cHRIST, aren’t you a little old to be cranking out kids?? I’ll never understand you Hollywood types…” …i love it,… yeah, like i was just saying to ben and j-lo the other day “well the baby isnt born yet but at least its got a good agent…” all 4 now love chris

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