post from myrtle beach

ten-twelve hour bus from Orlando to myrtle beach here…i frequently wonder if i should just stay on the bus, a major pain is getting to sleep on it for a few hours and then not being able to get back asleep when we arrive and enter the hotel… but the pacing of everything is pretty relaxing all in all, grogginess isn’t cumulative, and if anything there’s an abundance of extra time… its always great to be out in the summer… one forgets… here ive got a room overlooking the beach and the warm winds blowing in are really great, very luxurious… last night was really great at Orlando house of blues… the different rooms we play in are like instruments, the sound in each one is unique to itself, now that we’ve gotten the stage volume finally under control after years of struggle im much more appreciative of the texture changes from one venue to the next… i think pumping out a louder level of sound makes the audio clash with and overpower the nuances and subtleties of the room and i much prefer having the acoustics of the place become part of the sound… i’ve really never been a volume freak, the volume issue is a constant debate in rock and roll and i really am pretty solidly on the side that attributes power to content and style rather than to loud presentation, Robert Johnson, Lightning Hopkins etc etc, no amps but still full of power… in a similar context the audience of course contributes heavily to how i feel on stage, it is a tribal event after all, interactive…Atlanta was strange with the dinner vibe and i got a few messages referring to it…the audience reaction to the songs has also changed the set around a bit, we’ve replaced one or two that didnt seem to hold attention, for ex not too many are familiar with “love comes in spurts” or “see no evil” but while the latter stands up on its own and keeps getting an enthusiastic response, it turned out that “spurts” wasn’t getting nearly as warm a welcome, probably would only appeal on a home movie level just pleasing someone who was closely related, familiar…we’ll try it again in the UK, (its curious to see the difference in reactions there… those who assume the UK and US to be similar due to the common language are victims of a misconception that probably goes back to WW2 when it was necessary to stress political bonds socially)i for one am really looking forward to getting back to England,i wish we were there for a longer period…i dont know anything about INXS except for their name, ive likely heard some of their music without knowing who it was, i mention this since getting a couple of messages regarding the wisdom of the bill, hope it works ok i wish we/i could have a “hands on” approach to everything but it never seems possible, i frequently have to defer to the opinions of others who are out of the artistically creative circle of the band, people who have a better grasp of the business end of things; its nice to want to do a double cd but it would make it more expensive and even later with its release, etc. over the next year or so i hope to start working on some of my own things outside of blondie, beyond that we all are always talking about doing this or that odder project together but a lot of that means we have to be stable enough and at present its still a struggle getting blondie really established, this sounds weird right?… along these lines i just saw SYLVAIN of the NEW YORK DOLLS who we’ve known since the beginning, we were reminiscing and were amused to have both noticed the same phenomena; that various trashy clothing knock off outlets in new york sell t-shirts that say “New York Dolls” and that we both saw them worn by little teenage girls who dont have a clue that the words refer to a band im gonna sign off for now, ill continue in a few days when i think of more to report… as usual thanx so much for the writing, i have finally started getting approached by people who say they see the site, i haven’t checked out the chat thing that i hear is on the site but maybe i can get on and write live at some point i really have been enjoying the shows as much as you all say you have, nice its working out all around… dont hesitate to send me pictures and or weirdness… i hope this posting wasn’t too serious… ill definitely be at “burning man” again this year, Barbs and i will be at the post office all 4 now love chris

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