mon july 22 (back in NY)

back in nyc for a day or so, tomorrow is the nyc show at jones beach… gratifying to hear everyone likes the direction of the tour, set, etc… i have really been enjoying these shows a lot, tempted to say ‘more than in the past’ but stuff like that is so realative and i cant really be sure its true as ive gone through so many different incarnations within the band… all that aside i HAVE been liking these shows a lot, somehow they feel less like work and more like play the american cities are just weird i cant figure why some are so seemingly hip and youth oriented while everyone on the steet dresses so conservatively… i couldnt believe the fucking statue of mary tyler moore in minneapolis… thus far i havent been able to talk to too many of you, we generally get in the bus and leave after the show… i regretted not taking my laptop and will have it for the next leg… id like to write more but “time” is limited right now… what else… oh the hip hop exhibit at the walker museum in minneapolis was totally great anyone around there should try and catch it… so far ive run into WYCLIFF, THE ROOTS, and DANZIG in various hotels… i was also playing “GRAND THEFT AUTO” on the bus and noticed debbies ‘scarface’ song “RUSH RUSH” in it, (also debbie is going to be a voice on the next one i think)… im really sorry that anyone has trouble getting into any of the shows due to age restrictions, that sucks as far as the band is concerned and i would just recommend some creative i.d. usage to try and get around it… i dont know what we could do about it now that we’re already booked into places with restrictions… ill try and report at greater length from the road when i have more down time in hotels etc thanx again as usual you all rock chris

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