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first the bad news ( i guess) doesnt look like the album is gonna get out till next year… its just been too slow with various breakdowns and large gaps of off time in the sessions… the good news is that i for one will try and make the album bigger, we are gonna keep on working on material so theres a chance it could have a lot of stuff on it… (simply, like everything else there are formulas that dictate release schedules, ‘windows’ where albums are put out en masse by the major labels…) aside from that plans are also afoot to get to the UK this year im sorry for the delay we thought that we could make the fall release dates but its not gonna be… we’ve got about 14 songs done as well as artwork etc (all of it needs to be mixed though and this way at least we can add new material and really perfect it…) for me the mixing is the main problem right now, i wouldnt put it out the way it is, i know debbie and jimmy agree even though we’re disappointed at the delay…. im trying to keep this on an even keel, not rant about finances etc etc… its amazing how all things tie up… sometime ill write about what actually happened to the band but doing that now would probably piss off too many people and i’d rather just keep going producing music as usual i cant thank you enough for your comments and weird messages… for example mary ann makes a good point about radio being allowed to monopolize when all kinds of restraints are put on various other so called ‘services’… as usual in our dumbass society the importance of culture and art even of a ‘popular’ variety is not in the fore… rehearsals are getting better, the shows should be different than in the past as we’ve worked out a lot of sound and volume issues anyhow im just rambling may main point was about the record being delayed and im trying to add some filler… i hope no ones too pissed off, honestly im not really sure a hold up is so bad, its not like the material is just sitting there we’re still working… two new songs last week etc… i guess thats it im pretty preoccupied with about a hundred other things any way… ill report back before we go out… i think the first date is around the first week of july chris

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