sat june 8

mail volume seems up in anticipation of the ‘tour’ i hope it comes up to everyone’s expectations… i don’t have a clue… rehearsals start monday… comments on sociology etc… what ive come to lately is that we in america are finally experiencing a backlash to the liberalism of the sixties… seems like yesterday odd it was forty years ago… i think the sixties was the last ‘jump’ in human consciousness, morality, ideals etc etc… since then things have been going forward, but in a curve as it were… im not really clear on why this has happened, nature does seem to swing back and forth, that combined with the repressive tendencies of any government (you cant have control without somebody to be controlled) and the trends in anti-intellectualism that have been in play probably since the thirties (come to think of it anti intellectualism probably coincides with the rise, and fear, of communism in the west, people coming to associate intellectuals with dangerous red types, these stereotypes being encouraged by the ‘establishment’)… for example i remember being heavily influenced by the film “performance” which starred Mick Jagger who was one of my teenage heroes, in the movie MJ plays a well read very reclusive rock star, in one scene he reads a passage from Borjes, the blind Argentinean writer, as a result of that i went out and read more of his stuff which was a little tricky for me to understand at the time but still fantastic… its not like there wasnt any headbanging when i was a teenager its just i wonder if there wasnt a wider spectrum of ‘stuff’ to pick up on… maybe im just getting old and subject to the “when i was your age” syndrome… any way thanx for your comments i did get one from a girl who said looking up the words she didn’t know that were in our songs helped her vocabulary over and out chris

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