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once again im really brought up by everyone’s response to another delay in another one of our projects… i cant thank you all enough for being so understanding and generous in your reactions, everyone with almost no exception said they didn’t mind waiting etc… i don’t mean to get overly sentimental but i really have a ‘thing’ about disappointing the fans who in a way are the purest part of the whole system… (i know for ex that debbie feels bad when she’s hustled past groups of autograph seekers, stuff like that is unavoidable unfortunately) i didn’t really expect to get such immediate feedback…. im sorry to the dude who is worried that us “pissing around” with the record for too long is in his opinion going to be detrimental but i think aside from him everyone else i heard from has got a good idea of what goes on one of the messages i got, from Els in belgium is worth noting; here’s an excerpt I’m starting to understand the music-buzz a bit now, I always thought it was simple to record an album and release it, but now I’m getting the fact that it’s not all up to the artists but more up to the people behind the scene that are pulling the strings. A “friend”of mine “Katrina Leskanich”, she’s the former singer of the band Katrina and the Waves, has been busy with her first solo album, and that’s been delayed over and over again as well. that sums up the basics… the conflicts for me arise from trying to understand my motivations for doing this in the first place, trying to work in the system, produce mass art that at the same time is personal etc etc once again you all have made my day… debbie had been really disappointed by the delay and i know she’ll be cheered by you’alls comments more rehearsing today thanx agggggainnn chris

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