newcastle tonight

newcastle tonight… edinburgh was quite great, those guys really know how to get crazy… aberdeen was the third power outage in blondie history but like all the others it was very weird and i wonder how many actually noticed it, at the exact moment d said goodnight at the end of hog the house (the sound system) went out for just a second but in doing so all of the presets at the sound board went back to their default modes which made the sound totally change but since it was at the end in the frenzy finale part i dont think it was very apparent i am still getting requests for autographs, all i can say is that every night at the shows we do sign all the stuff thats been sent to the venue… as far as that goes it would be a great help if people would put their name on the back of things they want signed so that it can be matched to envelopes as sometimes it gets chaotic shows are quite fun now, it takes a while to get proper momentum going… thus far the cold and flu has been at a minimum though various people in the crew are succumbing… yeah i never mention the crew, the guys and few girls who work for us are really fantastic and are a huge part of what goes on every night, this particular bunch is very slick and we cant thank them enough for repeatedly saving us during the shows and otherwise again thanx for all your support and comments, its hard to write a lot i thought it’d be easier but i’ll get more stuff up eventually

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