tour winds down

tour winds down but still some big gigs left… in the tour bubble wherein time is a sort of external event that doesnt affect waking sleeping etc… still very little daylight around… so we watch the news etc. if arnold has any brains he will let tookie off, we are waiting to see what happens… its funny cause as much as i like eminem i dont feel directly connected to his more youth oriented angst now i am quite moved by his latest offering in which he expresses his frustrations about leaving his kid… i miss the family a lot and dont know when i’m going to be able to undertake another long expedition like this again, we’e just gonna have to see what happens… one thing is about the british accent or dialect, theres something all the more horrible about tv advertisments when delivered in what we americans consider erudite anglo diction… in other words i always think of the british accent as fairly highbrow and when i hear words like ‘underarm detergent’ etc spoken so carefully its even more sickening than the brash u.s. equivalent of ‘barking dog’ dialog that we are familiar with back home the shows have been going well again thanks to Hugh and his pals for being such a great support act i have been really getting off on playing the Roxy song and people have been responding well to it although i dont think anybody gets that the opening instrumental is our version of ‘..warm jets’ by Eno at least no one has mentioned knowing what it is so far… here is Leigh Foxx live at albert hall

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