my latest thinking

my latest thinking is that in twenty years or so when we are taken over by chinese/asian corporate/state entities we will all be alot better off… as i understand it the chinese economy is booming and if we keep depleting our funds on expsenive and pointless military initiatives… well its probably already too late to do anything about it, i dont pretend to understand the economics of the situation too specifically but it seems we are already deep in national debt to china/japan check which discusses japanese and chinese funding of US deficit anyhow to me coming at it from a cultural artistic point of view i think we would be so much better off with more asian influence now yesterday i went to see constantine which was like fair to crummy depending on what your expectations of it mine being low, but before that i watched a korean film at home that i’d picked up in the airport at hong kong, “OLD BOY” is just a remarkable piece of filmmaking directed by Park Chanwook, i dont think it ever had a US release, then a few days before that i watched Wan Kar Wai’s “2046” which is slow but also amazing… it would be one thing if all there was in the way of films was the crap churned out by hollywood but with just fantastic films coming out of various foreign markets it just is all the more pathetic… but how much of all this is due to what is happening in our society is due to the rigidity, crazy censorships that are being instituted, etc… yeah etc etc anyway do check out ‘old boy’ its no doubt available online, 2046 is very beautiful, but is purely a romance, warning for action fans picture is DH in bangkok/asia is calling

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