mr. rotten in a tux

i would have been disappointed if mr. rotten had shown up at the hall of fame in a tux and graciously accepted… his telling them to fuck off is in keeping with his spirit etc etc… (has it ever been suggested that ‘Johnny Rotten’ is derived from Poe’s ‘Toby Dammit’?) as the event approaches we are inundated with media and requests thereof… i am still somewhat ambivalent… Clem met and had a nice chat with McCartney but he wasnt able to be our ‘inductor’, he did send us e-mails of congrats however… one of the things that has gone down recently is an interview for rolling stone regarding our rolling stone cover… as a result i re-read some of the miserable piece of writing that accompanied that particular great photo session… what happened was that we didnt hit it off (an understatement) with the ‘journalist’ they sent to interview us and in spite of giving an accurate portrayal of our somewhat somber mood at the time of the writing (we were going thru various legal horrors) he slanted the piece to portray us as very unhappy pissed off people… it really kind of sucks and Debbie wonders how much damage that one bit of half assed pseudo journalism did to our chances of success in the states… theres one bit where the guy describes me as telling him one of my ‘radical alarmist’ political theories (without mentioning what it was)… what i recall is (this was 1979) talking to this jerk about upcoming troubles for the US originating in South America… use your imagination… every now and then the subject of this story comes up in talking with someone from rolling stone and we are always told that the writer did all of two things for the magazine our cover story being one of them… anyway piss under the bridge then i saw the don letts punk movie and in spite of liking it it just reminded me about those old days of ‘in depth’ ridiculous rock journalism where every little fucking thing was picked apart ad infinitum… so it still goes on all this time and effort devoted to debating who is a punk and who isnt… two of my favorite punk recordings are the first two stones albums, they are possessed of all the right nuances to more than qualify though i never see them in the lists… the lists, the lists the endless fucking lists… the hundred greatest lists of 1989

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