upstairs in the waldorf astoria

upstairs in the waldorf astoria for the big event tonight, the ballroom is the same place that the dolls played in for halloween one year in the early seventies, in those days the room was all falling apart and funky, so funny thing is that the stage for the hall of fame event is ‘atmospheric’ all falling apart and funky, in a tv set way, to bring back the good ol’ days or some such concept… everyone and their mother is pouring congratulations upon us to the point where i feel i have won the election or lottery or something… its a nice thing though despite my cynicism… clem has put forth the concept that all artists want to get into a museum… i saw jimmy for the first time in a while yesterday and he is in good spirits… i’m not sure what to say for a ‘speech’ i wish there was a tad less pressure about the whole deal but then thats just business as usual, hopefully no one will screw up too severely… there are guys outside the hotel with crates of skynyrd albums waiting for autographs… this is second hand info i havent been out of the place for a couple of days, everyone has colds tomorrow we are supposed to ‘announce’ the big tour that all of you all know about already… it is gonna be quite extensive… all of you writing about ‘will you come to such and such’ will likely be happy as we are gonna be all around the country… now barbara has just come in and is reporting some “incident” here in the city… could it be sex pistol fans revolting in other news i was confused by king kong now that i finally saw it at the hotel here… i dont get where seeing this fancy metaphor for human meanness and greed is entertaining… i heard that in the scene where brody climbs up on the roof at the end people in the theaters yell “shoot him too!!!” my biggest objection was the painting of the jack black character as soooo evil in the original ‘carl’ was much more innocent… king kong was one of hitlers favorite films we put on the tv to see if anything is going on and again its business as usual… i’ll report back after “the ceremony”

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