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more film reviews… KUNG FU HUSTLE is gonna be one of my all time favorite movies… just great, not dumb like kung pow and the ilk, hustle has no western influences its just brilliant… my only problem is the title as i’m fairly certain that the idiomatic use of ‘hustle’ probably is not a literal translation but you never know… i’d apppreciate anyone who can read chinese would report in… now whats funny is on the posters and ads for it ‘kung fu hustle’ is favorably compared to a tarantino film and this is dumb since its the other way around… yeah sure ‘bill’ was great but its a lift isnt it? saying this ‘kung fu hustle’ is “like” a quentin film is like saying Herzogs ‘Nosferatu’ is “like” Murnaus… i only recently found out that “Reservoir Dogs ” is a remake of an asian, maybe a John Woo film ‘hustle’ most reminded me of a fantastic Korean fim called “Volcano High” which so far hasnt gotten a US release i was also pleased to see a preview for a US release of “Night Watch”… a russian film i may have mentioned earlier, also really great lots of questions about blondie and related projects and i dont have any answers at present

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