tue july 9 (back in NY)

back in ny after first three shows… thnx for the comments as usual everyone seems to have enjoyed the shows… we’ve made some changes in the band setup, (yeah this doesnt refer to jimmy’s absence of course, he’s got some stuff going on that he couldnt avoid attending to and will catch up with the tour as soon as possible, his keyboard/synth tech kevin who’s job is usually dealing with sequence triggers, acting as extra hands is doing a great job of filling in) we set up closer together now, clem is playing electric drums that produce much lower stage volume and as a result doesnt have to be isolated like last time, no side fills, everyone is using ear monitors including clem, and i never drink anymore… theres prob some stuff im forgetting but so far the sets have felt different to me, i cant speak for everyone else but i feel more in control relaxed… we’re still puzzling over the set, i see that those of you whove written are liking the material we picked, it was totally debbies idea to make the show more rock, harder… the two new songs are “diamond bridge” and “golden rod”… everyone recognises “havana affair” by the RAMONES but im not sure how many know “love comes in spurts” which was writ by RICHARD HELL/JOHNNY THUNDERS and performed by the HEARTBREAKERS… when the HEARTBREAKERS split up so did the song, it became JOHNNY’S “one track mind” with the same music and RICHARD’S second version of “love comes in spurts” with a slight alteration of the chord sequence, any way we’re doing the original version which i always liked the best of the three, also we’re playing “see no evil” by TOM VERLAINE and TELEVISION which is an all time classic rock song and fun to play… im still a bit concerned that the general audience will want more of the ‘standards’, but we’ll see how it goes over the next few dates… it was nice standing in the warm rain with the troops in st. paul… as yet i havent been approached by anyone who mentioned the site… today im back in nyc, next show is in walker mn. see you chris

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