in the airport waiting to go to scotland… debbie says: “the pattern of behavior of putting these puppets into power and then tearing them down when they are successful is crap” doesnt like puppetry on a positive note she says: “im working on my book, memoirs, trying to remember everything…” do you have a new years message? “a really interesting documentary film from iceland called ‘investigation’ see that” i looked it up theres a lot about it, it deals with ‘Iceland’s unselfconscious belief in hidden beings — elves, ghosts, sea monsters and aliens’ looks good, i’ll have to check it out… on my list is “Casshern”, japanese, pretty amazing… i hope aviator is ok, i just watched ‘raging bull’ before, its sad, scorcese is one of the last ones here… debbie said “well of course its about hollywood, how can they make a real movie about that…” yeah well we’ll see more later on HAPPY NEW YEARS from all of us

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