day off in london

day off in london there is a difficult balance struck here between days off and fatigue from playing too many in a row, clem goes on about being put off his form by days off and there is a momentum that is developed by playing a lot…anyway i was so fucking wiped out the other night, i got some kind of violent virulent baby germ and woke up sweating and miserable at two a.m. as a result i was pretty well out of it in birmingham which was very sad as it was a particularly enthusisatic group, hopefully i wasnt missed too much… thanx for all the comments we are pleased that people are picking up on the addition of various older songs etc. its hard to tell from crowd responses what people are reacting to so the e-mails help… james brown and the chili p’s in the park yesterday… i actually got this in a message from another seemingly intelligent person “as to the war and England — lets not forget that they do not have a free press — I know we make fun of ours often but at least we can criticize the govt if we want to == the British are not afforded that right.” i’m reluctant to explain my reaction to statements like this for fear of going off on a long rambling rant… i personally believe that the entire western media is so controlled and manipulated that it isnt even fucking funny anymore, the american press/media is so tainted and slanted its insane, we are subject to soap opera disguised as information, innuendo, campaigning and special interest group advertising presented as ‘news’… its unfortunate that there are so many of these capsule explanations of reality floating around, simplistic ‘one liners’ are a danger in the face of complex world conditions… i dont know maybe this guy was kidding i was really conflicted about quoting the message, i just cant believe anyone really has that kind of 1950’s kind of view of things… the “B-Girls” were a new york based all girl band from the late 80’s-90’s… (thats an answer to a query)

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