invasions of artistic privacy
i’ve gotten some response from the troops out here and asked various people and the sentiment regarding advertising is pretty unanimously negative, various people have been quick to point out that the band of course avails itself to forms of tv adverts but if it were up to me to choose id rather have none at all and do without it for us too… everybody really hates the ads in the movies, its somehow more obnoxious to pay to get into a film and then be subjected to the crap that one has supposedly left at home with the tv set… so as regards these invasions of artistic privacy, that is the miserable commercials one has to endure at ones local movie joint the solution is not that hard, far off etc. one thing i’ve learned is that the big corporate entities do live in a certain amount of fear of public opinion… if enough people wrote to some of the big chains like LOWES theaters saying how much offense they took at being bombarded by commercials at the movies i think that something might change…tv commercials are a harder nut to crack but the movie theater ones are a recent horror,
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