you know i think all of you who said they are going to think about geepie have had some positive effect, she is definitely less lethargic, stitches out on wed. also letterman is wed. i think maybe geepie could have them taken out on his show… im quite gratified to see that ‘dawn of the dead’ has bumped ‘passion’ out of the number one spot… what the fuck does that tell you… and speaking of fuck, yes its just unfucking canny what is happening, lenny died for eddie murphies sins for gods sakes… lenny bruce and francis farmer are the great american stories/tragedies… theres an horrific book about francis called ‘shadowland’ that i recommend to any of you who want to get even more pissed off at the american justice/celebrity system than you already might be… there were two awful hollywood crap films made about her one with jessica lange and the other a tv movie with jamie lee curtis (i think not really sure someone like that though)…. i understand that the author of shadowland wouldnt allow the book to be used as a basis for either of those productions much to his credit… im not gonna get into it if youre interested i suspect there is a lot of info on her out there… as to lenny i’d always been a fan but about seven years or so i happened to read “ladies and gentleman lenny bruce” by albert goldman which for all of its luridness still was a nice bit of nostalgia/picture of the time… if id been a few years older i would have caught his act, as it is i find myself listening to the recordings a great deal… i saw some show about contemporary comedian bill hicks who was being compared to lenny and was surprised how much the boat was missed, this guy (he died of cancer, was censored off letterman etc) though funny was bitter and sarcastic which i dont get from bruce, its amazing how moral and straight ahead he remained even in the face of all the nonsense he was subjected to… punchline being his new york obscenity conviction being over turned by… i dont know, the mayor or the governor just a few months ago… anyway both of these guys were literally crucified for… for what? you tell me… lots of reasons, there are probably lots more but those two are it for me… so now we are headed back to the stone age of censorship… but its sooo fucking wacky now its on the level of kids in the playground just throwing out arbitrary rules that they make up as they go along… i cant even bother giving examples of how hypocritical the fucking system is, its just absolutly insane out there right now with a capital I… i cant bear watching tv, i only watch the simpsons the odd wrestling match, curb your enthusiasm a drop of ‘news’, films and thats it…mcluhan said ‘tv is a wasteland’ back in the sixties or such, HA! ha ha, ha ha ha on a lighter note i saw the most amazing old crappy movie: MANIAC i think there are about two other movies with that title but this is an old black and white one with some guy named bill woods, should have won an oscar, just amazing!! some of you may recall a car insurance commercial with an old clip of a dude tearing his hair out yelling “AGONY! AGONY!”, well thats from maniac, one of numerous over the top performances by just wackos from i guess the late 30’s early 40’s… i got a great set of 50 old movies on twelve dvd’s for 30 bucks and it was in them, a great deal, i just looked, its from something called treeline and theres a website: worth checking out if you’re into this stuff (among the films are various classics: atom age vampire, night of the liv. dead, metropolis, hse. on haunted hill, many others there that was a public service announcement

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