its been a while

its been a while, the baby deal is a major commitment, lots of work, i am consistantly astonished at the amount of energy she expends doing nothing, its amazing she just boogies and gyrates for hours on end, now crawls and grabs stuff so the nailing down process will commence soon… on a terribly sad note Geepie my favorite cat had some cysts removed and the vet says that the biopsy is bad news, she presumably has kitty cancer, she is Benjamins sister and the mother of Corpie and Squidly, so we would appreciate any prayers and or positive visualizations for her well being, (she is an all black cat) she seems ok now maybe she’ll be ok after all i am looking forward to shows and some tour madness, letterman is upcoming next week and dates are filling in several comments about age requirements for the shows, yes totally fucked and i dont know what to do about it and i dont think there is actually anything that i could do as its all about local rules and crap relating to individual places, doesnt have anything to do with the band, but the next time somebody is gonna complain about my citing the ‘old days’ , sixties etc as ‘better’ remember that all of this kind of government interference is a recent development… for any of you who havent noticed ‘things’ are getting really just absurd out in the ‘real world’… if bush gets back in i think the excrement may hit the proverbial rotating device… i keep thinking that the only way for things to change now is going to be the result of something extreme, i just keep seeing people as being so complacent, how can the masses of people just sit back and watch the education system turn to absolute shit and not do anything about it, everyone is so into this system of excess that it just blows my mind… all the hooting and hollering about mel gibsons movie is on the same level as the war, its presented as basically the same degree of importance, the stupid oscars are as important as the united nations i probably have mentioned in the past my idea that in the 1930’s the economic depression caused the growth of escapist media, hollywood had its big boom in the sixties and seventies when there was emphasis on people participating in life to a greater degree hollywood declined and the quality of films was up… now in the midst of a spritual depression of great magnitude we see the biggest boom yet in escapist media probably ever and the election just strikes me as complete bullshit i just cant buy it… i cant help wondering if we might be better off if bush wins and the resulting totalitarianism pushes the masses into action rather than things just dragging along like this the culture slowly eroding…im not advocating revolution or anarchy here just more involvement, humans in general are odd creatures who will complain endlessly without actually making attempts to change their discomfort, animals that are uncomfortable just try to change their situation (except perhaps for dogs who as a result of their contact with humans sit around unmoving while being beat over the head) so here i am complaining, yes i know… well we’ll see what happens next, certainly its an inter esting period… meanwhile i have been writing more, avoiding television, havent been working on music beyond playing guitar but i keep intending to get some stuff going in the studio… at least the laptop here is ok i’ll keep updating from the road… thanx for the messages, this last batch contained a lot of stuff about current events which is why i wrote the above stuff, there are so many topics of madness right now i am at a loss to discuss specific events hence the general outline

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