halloween tomorrow

this is a bit sooner than id intended to add but once again im greatly cheered to get all the reactions from out there… im continually impressed with how clever all of you are, (Lu thanks for the dream letter) i keep getting all these great statements from the mail:, yeah i think jesus and buddha would probably get booed in this climate also someone wrote “the only difference between a terrorist and a patriot is what side youre on” bravo… plus a lot more cool stuff dont hesitate to send any weird reports of dreams, aliens , bigfoots’; ghosts etc you know i love all that stuff … i used to say i only celebrated halloween … yesss the veil between the worlds is THINNNER etc etc as to current events : so after all the talk about the ‘war’ taking a long time and we should all be prepared for that now its like “shit weve been bombing away for a whole three weeks and it looks like the WAR IS A STALEMATE! SEND IN THE GRUNTS!!” right ? you all saw this ? so are we gonna wind up with another long drawn out (though more popular) war? even better is the deal with the announcements about something about to happen though what? where? who knows only dont worry just be on high alert… things are getting progressivly weirder…. like most of you im in the middle about all this i think american foreign policy since world war two has been the greatest contributing factor to our unpopularity, (what happened to the peace corps.? another fifteen minute deal) but certainly it sucks for a bunch of maniacs to be taking advantage of the freedoms of this country to raise havoc and destruction all very confusing still hope this isnt toooo pointless but the last batch of mail i got was very cool so i figured id put something up to say i read it all halloween tomorrow full moon chris

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