sun oct 28 (happy halloween)

thanks everyone for the continuing communication… ive finally listened to what is currently the next record in its entirety and feel fairly hopeful about it… it may get out by feb. but im not sure, but it is coming, theres still more work to do on it ive been getting mostly positive comments from you all, i wish i did have answers for everything but… did you see richard gere getting booed at that big rock show at the garden? apparently his asking for ‘compassion’ understanding etc. didnt go down well with all the heros who were in attendance… disturbing and contradictory… as ive been mentioning to people i remember very clearly the reaction to jfk’s killing , that it was somber and fairly dignified, now, everyone jumping on the bandwagon of war and nationalism, selling t-shirts etc. to me the reaction of the media to all of the events since the 11th just feels weirdly gleeful, i keep feeling like so many people are happy to have this stuff to carry on about… just yesterday on tv i saw a head saying that perhaps all we were doing in afghanistan was making people miserable, i was kind of surprised to see such an unpopular view right there in almost prime time meanwhile everyone i know is very sceptical as to the credibility of what is supposedly ‘news’ does anyone really think that the masses are getting even a small part of the real stories? then i saw some dumb assed psychologist saying how people were ‘stressed’ etc. by current events. fears, insomnia,indigestion,general lousy feelings… HELLO! big news that i was just reading about the Mayans, that their culture was rooted in a recognition of ‘terrible beauty’ that surrounds human existance, to me that meant that the natural attraction we have to violence, calamity and blood is not something that needs be covered up and disguised the way it is today, we make our own neurosis and then keep it going oh well very cheerful… i WOULD however like to recommend that everyone try and catch INVADER ZIM which is a fantastic cartoon that plays mostly fridays 9:00 on nickelodeon, Johnen Vasquez is god, a lot of you must be familiar with zim and johnny the homicidal maniac, squee etc those not who like comics should check it all out again thanks all for the comments etc. ill keep writing when i can, cant guarantee any regularity happy halloween all chris

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