vultures (added March 1, 2002)

dear all, please forgive the lack of comm’s from here but my computer was moofed for a while and i didnt have time to attend to its need for constant fucking attention(!) very organic this tech crap so a belated happy new year to all, related holidaze etc. ive been trying to keep busy,,, went to L.A. to do some finishing work on the record and came away from that feeling really positive about it, im really happy with how its come out, one of the main thrusts was to keep it as its own thing rather than sound like various styles around now… also make it less generic, i think we’ve succcceeeded in all this, im not sure what the ‘singles’ are the whole thing is quite a totality… DH thinks its some of her best writing as do i, lyrics are really advanced… dont know for sure when its out, certainly by summer… im really looking forward to getting reactions to it ill write a more detailed thing later i just got this thing up and running last night with XP which is pretty cool … again sorry to have missed so much time… yeah, D and myself and Paul did that show MUSICIANS which is on bravo( i think? right?) thats gonna air on the 11th of march ok over and out chris that came out really nicely as well… i liked the performances

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