im sitting here in LA

im sitting here in LA watching this incredible bullshit of the war and 9-11 buck passing on CNN… things got quite hectic in NYC and i had to wait to get out of town to write… everytime things pick up i get more mail… im noticing that a lot of you are very in tune with what im thinking; sending stuff that ive noticed or been aware of in the world/media etc… for ex. the lady in mexico i think who did her own cesarian, that movie chasing buddah, many other items, however many things like the ufo sighting by the mars rover and of course the UK alien potato chips are things i missed so keep them coming… the first time around it took us two and a half albums before things broke in the US, maybe we’re gonna see a repeat of this pattern, (for those of you who dont know parallel lines was on the US charts for six months before HOG went to number one) so im cautiously optimistic at the beginning of this cycle… im told that i’ll be out of debt (oh you didnt know?) by next year at any rate (for those of you in left field who dabble in occult weirdness you might be familiar with the old magic square that goes: SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS which includes the name of the idiot now testifying on tv about 9-11 who is no doubt a minion of the illuminatis anyway etc etc) so we were at the two satellite radio stations xm and sirius and im gonna try and hustle one of them into possibly giving me some airtime though im not exactly sure what for yet… i appreciate all of your efforts to get us on the air but im kind of afraid that radio as it is now is a lost cause (special thanx to scottie who says he was offering his romantic favors to dj’s in his area in exchange for playing goodboys) today we are going to go out to fender to pick up a new custom guitar they made for me… im pretty fried, woke up at like 4 am here, still on new york baby time, 6 am most days in nyc… what else… have been reading mishimas tetralogy “the sea of fertility” for the second time, i cant believe how much of it didnt sink in the first time around… its pretty dense stuff but fits in well with whats going on in the world now… whats sad is how little of his (mishimas) writing has been translated, as i understand it only a small percentage has been done… liked hellboy a lot, finally saw the last of the lord of the rings… um… about it for now im sure theres more but im only part awake

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