cover shot rumor

so Barbara got a message which contains a rumor thats floating around about the next ‘best of’ cover shot having frank and nigel cut out of the picture… i dont know where this stuff comes from, and am always amazed at the amount of weird negativity that is produced in the world of fan gossip… so let me assure you that this is in fact only a rumor… true fans will get that during the plastic letters period frank was involved only near the end (he did play on some tracks on plastic letters but wasnt ‘officially’ in the band till parallel lines) and we hadnt yet met nigel… nigel (i think) is thanked on plastic letters cause by the time we were doing the thank yous for the cover we did know we were gonna use him …but when the picture was taken those guys just werent there… its nice to get the pics out as they are taken at the old TROPICANA hotel which was the main center of rock wildness in L.A. at least as far as hotels go and now its long since torn down… we have been sitting on them (the pics) for years, debbie is wearing a pillow case wrapped with red gaffer tape… at the time Terry Ellis of Chrysalis was all worked up lest we be labeled “punk” and the session with the pillow case dress was nixed… beyond that the pictures were shot in a two and a quarter format, that’s square film, in other words thats the whole picture, theres no more to it thats not visible thnx everyone for suggesting songs for the upcoming shows… rehearsals soon, some of the stuff people wanted to hear is bound to be covered i gotta go, more soon

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