so first my mind is blown!

so first my mind is blown! Michael B from boston wrote informing that Nick Tosches did the Creem magazine story interview with DH… as soon as Akira wakes up we will go dig through the old files and get it out… really this fucking guy is my new hero!, now maybe i can get hold of him, he keeps saying he’s dropping dead in all his books hopefully he’ll hang on long enough John Jacovina our very close friend called from N.O. where hes with some other NYC firefighters helping out… he said it is just like being in ‘some other world, like mad max’ but he’s doing ok in spite of three hours sleep per night, said he’s making a lot of friends… thnx Johnathan for the letter, most everyone is on the same page with whats going on, of course the white house turned down funding for fixing the levees two years ago now its gonna cost a shitload more to correct… do we all know that three days into the storm condaleeza rice was in NYC shopping for shoes? that she went to see spamalot and when the lights came up after the show the audience hissed and booed at her? so Amy, again someone well meaning sent me a brief critique and long article which includes this staement :”What Hurricane Katrina exposed was the psychological consequences of the welfare state.” Amy, this is propaganda, what the fuck is the ‘welfare state’? in my opinion it doesnt exist, so now its ok to collect billions of dollars to send to people in need provided they have had their homes and lives destroyed, but distributing funds to under paid poverty stricken people without the context of disaster is somehow an evil liberal plot… again Chomsky says ‘no black man can be guilty of a crime in America.’ its just still so sad to me how the lines here are drawn separating people by ideology, that people are so fucking cranky about labels, about viewpoints etc etc… America could fix itself in a couple of months without any disasters as motivations if people would just do the right thing and help each other… pretty fucking naive huh?

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