Vigo Spain

Vigo Spain, Guilfest was a struggle but we managed to have a good time… festivals without soundchecks and the crew only having a short setup time are difficult situations, we use ear monitors and when we got to the stage mine kept cutting out and i could only pray and fly blind while hoping that my guitar was on in the house… i finally stabilized about half way through, very much like flying some kind of weird ass vehicle, for sure… it was really nice to see Dave and The Captain from the damned, Strangler members etc., very much like highschool reunion or something… Captains teenage daughter was on hand and i couldnt help but wondering about Ak’s hanging out with us in later years even if i wonder how much longer we can do this stuff for, “the steel wheelchair tour” etc. so again a brief thank you to the UK fans and supporters for being so terrific, back in sept.

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