so Fahrenheit 9/11 in Cork Ireland

so Fahrenheit 9/11 in Cork Ireland with a fairly full house at 2:30 in the afternoon no less… what the hell can you say, DH kept saying she felt ill on the walk back to the hotel (Leigh, Paul, Kevin and me all went together) i sincerely hope enough people see the film, i know its propaganda but its about time we got the other side put forward like that in a package for the masses, (for myself i think that the truth is even more awful than what the film portrays and that Moore had to hold back somewhat to get the thing released at all and to not be labled a complete maniac paranoid) in new york the very pro-bush NY Post condemned it as being badly done and i’ve seen similar reports here and there in the conservative brit press… i can only urge you to make up your own minds etc etc and for those of you who think we need to change things… a reaction i had was something that i always am dealing with; how badly distracted from the real issues of our time the youth of today are, what the fuck is it gonna take to get people active in 2004? entertainment and video is fine but i just know too many people who think that films and music are more important than whats going on in the world… (no doubt this may strike some of you as ironic coming from someone who works in the music/show biz industry, i know its certainly ironic to me) i can see why the film won the prize at Cannes if only someone had been able to put such an eloquent statement together during Viet Nam… this is one of the good things about our age of deep communication… also thanx to Miramax for having the balls to back this thing… about it, again really no more room for warfare in the world today, (believe me i love kung-fu movies, swords, guns etc etc, but this stuff should be left in the realm of entertainment, leave it to Quentin to do not to people we elect to help us) (oh yeah seeing the movie in Ireland was funny cause we were the only ones laughing at a lot of the shots of Bush and pals being ridiculous, i wondered if it hit the local crowd the way it did us) once more go see Fahrenheit 9/11, drag people to see it

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