vast majority of mail is very positive…

i have to say that the vast majority of mail i have been getting is very positive stuff with great attitude and funny comments so thank you all for that a lot… when i equate our rock and roll feuding with tabloid stories i certainly dont mean to make light of any fans who care about what we do… but no matter what someone always is not going to get my intention… what must it be like as a politician trying to please all the constituents? i do need to address (again) the complaints about us passing by people waiting for autographs… first let me assure you that for every person who doesnt get an autograph signed there are likely a hundred who do… its just impossible to do an organised signing every night after a show and depending on a great many different things we sometimes will ‘do a runner’ to get out of the place and get on the road to the next venue as fast as possible thereby of course disappointing fans who waited… when conditions permit and we dont have a really long drive (sometimes 10 or more hours with a show the next night) and no one is seriously ill or exhausted we will try and see as any people as possible… what generally happens is debbie will get on the bus and have people pass stuff up to be signed… i’m sorry if people feel sleighted, i know for sure i have passed by groups of fans without signing but i try very hard not to do that and get a lot more messages from people thanking us for signing their stuff than i do from people who feel they have been overlooked once again i can only say that the BEST WAY to get autographs is to send something you want signed together with a self addressed stamped envelope to a gig we are playing at… i must have written this on here like five times already most of you ‘get it’; what we do is very tough and its not always possible to stop now beyond that how many bands have a place where you can write directly to the members and be pretty certain that what you write will be read? huh? i wonder if “trapped in the closet” has any relation to “the umbrellas of chrebourg” (just kidding)

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