the last hall of fame thing

thank you all for your comments and this is positively absolutely the last hall of fame thing i’m gonna write for a while now the thing is history and i’m gonna request that instead of writing to me complaining that we should have served history by letting ‘the boys’ play that you write to brad pitt and complain about his shabby treatment of jennifer, its all the same… today at the supermarket i had a moment of horror “like diamond bullet” as the fella says, as i realized the hoopla about blondie’s ‘hall of fame controversy’ and the bullshit in the tabloids is all the same… back in ancient days when i was the rolling stones number one fan along with a million others i was disappointed when Ronnie Wood replaced Mick Taylor but i didnt lose much sleep over it and still remained a fan for another six or seven albums after the change… ok, i dont have a clue what Gary was thinking or talking about when he said that x-offender “got us a record deal” when to my recollection that song was recorded after we got the deal… but history is very subjective and i’m sure that Gary’s perceptions are as real to him as mine are to me and neither one of us may actually be “right” whatever the fuck that is… so i wont deny having feelings about what went on and my relationship to people i used to work with back in the day but over the years of ups and downs in this band i have always made an effort to let shit go and i would urge any of you who are pissed off in any slight way about any of this to do the same… now… with all of this junk i have forgotten to mention something i saw that amused and amazed me; it was R Kelly’s “trapped in the closet”… this long rap video is one of the weirdest things i have encountered in a long time… our close friend John the NYC firefighter had been carrying on about it for some time but i didnt get it until he brought us a copy to ‘experience’ might be the best way to put it… ‘trapped in the closet’ is like unto a david lynch on acid film… even without the midget i couldn’t help but make the comparison, just one of the all around strangest bits of media… the music is as strange as the images, one might think that in writing an almost hour long rap song one might think of some variance in its composition, not so in ‘trapped’ and the repetition adds to the strangeness… totally as crazy as the thing itself is the commentary by Kelly which consists of him smoking a cigar while sitting and watching ‘trapped in the closet’… he explains it in the simplest terms as if we were all total idiots… any of you who are fans of the weird should check this out, i guarantee it will be regularly viewed on the blondie bus this summer saw V vendetta which i liked, it is a sad thing, it is a sad thing that the voice of liberalism (not to mention that the terms liberal and conservative have both drifted far from their actual meanings) in this country is these days relegated to the realm of humor and entertainment… V is a too close metaphor for todays headlines, but its message is softened somewhat by the vehicle… in the same vein “Goodnight And Goodluck” is harrowing when one considers how far television has fallen away from the promise that Murrow and others of his time saw for it… i presume that Murrows final speech of the film in which he predicts that television on its current path is nothing more than “a box with lights and wires”, a glorified light machine, is verbatim… i recall a bit of what tv was like back in those days… i was moved by the finale of V, as barbara said too “because it wont happen” that way… V is simplistic but its all there, for me ‘goodnight’ is the really scary film especially after experiencing the power of tv first hand last week… when i was a little kid i knew that 1984 was about right now: the screen controls us

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